About Me

I fell in love with Fitness more than 10 years ago I've always exercised but after my second baby, it was hard to get back into a strict training schedule - that's where planning and tracking came in. Journalling helped me get back in shape and feeling great. I decided to write everything down and BE ACCOUNTABLE.
My first 12 weeks were noted in a copybook - yes, a copybook! I'm not gonna lie, it got a little messy, there was no set structure and not very prettY From there, Accomplish in 12 Weeks Fitness Journal was born. During the 12-weeks, I logged everything from sleep to food and exercise in my journal.  I used it to plan my workouts and meals in advance.
Please note,
 This journal is NOT a nutrition plan. It is NOT a training program. 
Use the journal as an aid to prep your food and plan your workouts or you could use the journal to remember the workouts you do with your trainer; whatever you use it for, you will realise it's special!
This journal will be with you for 12-weeks  and during that time you may face a bundle of emotions as you begin making changes to your diet and fitness but no matter what type of mood you find yourself in, DO NOT let it bring you down. Take one day at a time. 
Whatever your goal is, this journal will inspire you!
Louise 💕